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Workstation Update

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Filename: Workstation Update.bat
Size: 25 KB

Workstation Update.tar

This is a sanitized version and doesn’t contain any United States Air Force server names, IP addresses, or personally identifiable information.

After working a year for the United States Air Force as a level 1 call center IT technician, I found that most of the issues that the users were calling for can be fixed quickly by running a simple batch script to automate the entire thing. It first started with having McAfee force run an update to then correcting Adobe Acrobat settings.
I shared this tool with my ‘pod’, or team, and was distributed throughout the floor and was being used by mostly everyone there.
Eventually after my three years working there, the tool I’ve created was significantly expanded to cover most of the issues that users were calling about. It runs a check on everything even if it’s not an issue to the user but to prevent it from being a problem in the near future as well as creating logs about the computer and it’s software versions every time it is ran by anyone from any computer within the domain to a centralized shared server.
After my three years, I was hired on to work for the United States Air Force as a contactor again but this time in the medical field at Wilford Hall Medical Center. I took this tool with me and applied it there as well. I haven’t updated this tool in well over 6 or 7 years and is obsolete now.

What it does

  • Clears Windows icon cache.
  • Clears Internet Explorer SSL state, history, cookies, temporary files, form data, passwords, add-on settings, and resets advanced settings.
  • Registers important .DLL files.
  • Flushes DNS client resolver cache.
  • Deletes Windows system and user temporary files.
  • Recreates Adobe Flash Player appData folders.
  • Deletes Java applications cache.
  • Updates McAfee VirusScan console.
  • Checks and corrects .LNK file association.
  • Checks and corrects Adobe FIPS setting.
  • Enables HKCU registry changes.
  • Forces a group policy update.
  • Initiates SCCM actions.
  • Checks and correct Adobe Flash update settings.
  • Checks and corrects Adobe Acrobat auto-update settings.
  • Checks and corrects Adobe Shockwave auto-update settings.
  • Checks and corrects Java x32 and x64 update settings.
  • Checks McAfee Agent and VirusScan installation and settings.
  • Clears ActivClient computer credentials.
  • Updates VB Script engine settings.
  • Checks and corrects Windows Remote Desktop settings.
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