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Semedar’s Awesomes

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Filename: Semedar’s Awesomes (SANITIZED).bat
Size: 68 KB

Semedar's Awesomes (SANITIZED).tar

I’ve sanitized this file to redact any United States Air Force server names, user names, IP addresses, and personally identifiable information with “[DELETED]”.
If you wish to use this tool for whatever crazy reason you want to, I suggest opening this up in VSC or whichever tool you prefer and replace [DELETED] with your share drive directory. You’ll also need to create the appropriate folders that the tool is looking for.

A tool I’ve made to help my fellow coworkers as well as myself. Since I used to work at a call center, our ‘assigned’ desks aren’t really ‘assigned’. Because of this, you have to copy all your files that you need to work with to do your job each day. And with those computers on the floor being regularly reimaged, you spent a lot of time there just setting up your Windows profile to how you like it.
With this tool, I’ve made a directory in a common shared drive that everyone has access to and included a organized folders with website favorites, .RDP files for all the servers we need to remote into, files to do your job, etc.
The technician would just simply have to open this tool and select what he or she wants imported into their profile.

What it does

  • Backup and imports users Internet Explorer favorites to local share drive.
  • Loads up a predefined set of Internet Explorer favorites organized into folders into categories.
  • Load up all the Internet Explorer web pages required to work via tabs.
  • Load up all the programs needed to work installed on the computers.
  • Provide users with quick fixes and utilities like restarting Windows Explorer, clearing the users clipboard, delete the users Internet Explorer history, check to see who’s logged in to a computer, and check the status of the BlackBerry servers (BES) to see if they’re online.
  • Provide the user to change the color of the console and save it to a file so it loads on startup.
  • Provide the user a random number generator.
  • Provide the user a basic calculator.
  • Ability to join a chat room and talk to other ‘authorized’ users defined in the file.
  • Ability to play Tick Tack Toe with other ‘authorized’ users defined in the file.
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