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LCARS Dialpad

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Filename: T1_dialPad_LCARS.swf
Size: 262.47 KB
For: LG Vu – CU915 / CU920


Star Trek LCARS dialpad theme mod for the LG Vu CU915/CU920.

Download and install the “dialpad loader”. Download the LCARS dial pad, place the file in the “dialpads” folder.
Press the battery button while on the dial pad screen to select the LCARS dial pad.

Implemented producingyou’s battery button to go back to the Dialpad selector.

Since the LG-Vu forums website was taken offline, it is impossible to find an intact file structure that contains the theme manager as well as the dial pad mod. I’ve backed up a sanitized version of the root file directory so you can just copy and paste to your LG Vu’s directory to enable theme management and dial pad management.

LG Vu.tar

I’ve also created power on and power off sound effects which you can download here:


My source files are also available here:

LCARs Finished Files.tar

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