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Filename: LCARS.swf
Size: 535.73 KB
For: LG Vu – CU920


Star Trek LCARS theme mod for the LG Vu CU920.

Go to your phone’s Theme folder, make a new one, add the LCARS.swf in there, along with the .xml from the iPhone’s in there, and don’t know if it’s necessary, but I added a wallpaper folder in there too, but empty. Just incase the iPhone needs that folder in there. And modify the Themelist.txt.

Since the LG-Vu forums website was taken offline, it is impossible to find an intact file structure that contains the theme manager as well as the dial pad mod. I’ve backed up a sanitized version of the root file directory so you can just copy and paste to your LG Vu’s directory to enable theme management and dial pad management.

LG Vu.tar

I’ve also created power on and power off sound effects which you can download here:


My source files are also available here:

LCARs Finished Files.tar

Change log

Update 1: Updated the buttons on the Lv. 2 screen so it links to the right stuff.
Update 2: Updated so it actually has a "tools" button. It was missing before, now every button should work correctly. If you see any bugs with it, PM me please.
Update 3: Added animations to it. Should look better.   And made the flashing light effect on the ACCESS LCARS go horizontal, not slightly slanted. Added my name on the bottom of the LCARS, not the screens, just the menu LCARS. Should not be noticeable and get in the way, made it really really small. Changed lCARS to LCARS.
Update 4: Fixed/Added the warp option that was available in turbomonkey's LCARS iPhone mod. He helped me add it on this one. Thanks (You can utilize this feature by going to the Lv. 3 screen and taping on the theme  Also made a .rar that is already in a folder with the xml, just incase someone really doesn't know what he/she is doing.
Update 5: Up'ed the FPS to 30 FPS, hoping for a smoother theme. And moved the lock screen animation lower, so it doesn't interfere with the LCARS. This was only noticeable when you lock it the 2nd time and so on, on the top right corner of the animation. And I'm not continueing the .rar thing since it's going to be a hassle to keep it up to date with all these updates to it. I'm trying to achive perfection, as 7 of 9 would like to say.
Update 6: Added new lockscreen for more real estate (space) for future ideas/expansion. Made it when you lock it, the clock goes to the right, not straight up. Also made it when you first start up the theme, it shows the Starfleet logo, but when you unlock it, and lock it back, it shows as its running an application. This is intended to show that your already logged into the LCARS. And changed the animation on the Lv. 1 screen, as it was the same from the first main animation of the Starfleed logo. Added CU920 to the top right of the lock screen.
Update 7 Rev. A: A small update that changes the text on the Lv. 3 screen from Theme to Warp, and relocated to the bottom right corner of the button.
Update 8 Rev. B: Another small update. I've moved the second lock screen animation a little lower since it was interfereing with the LCARS text. I've also extended the Lv. 2 screen animation a little lower so it's even.
Update 9: I overhauled the Lv. 1 and Lv. 3 screen. Since there's so many changes I made to it, I'll just say I made it more aesthetically pleasing. Enjoy!
Update 10: I overhauled the lock screen and added more animations and made it look "cleaner". Hope you like!
Update 11: Changed the Lv. 3 screen, Main LCARS (Dock), and lock screen to make it more brighter and colorful. On the Lv. 3 screen, I cleaned it up, sort of rearanged it, and make it look not so empty. I've also made the transition from lock, to the screens smoother. Before the LCARS would jump everywhere, then you would be in the screens. I've fixed this, now the LCARS should stay stationary.
Update 12: Changed the lock screen to look cleaner and not as obstructive. Also fixed the Touch button the the Lv. 3 screen, it was cut off at the left, I fixed it.
Update 13 Rev. A: Just a small update. Forgot to add numbers to the LCARS on the lock screen. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Update 14 Rev. B: A small update, as I forgot to change the letters on the lock screen from normal dial, contacts, ect, to numbers, so it doesn't confuse you that they are actually functional buttons.
Update 15 Rev. C: Thanks to boricua52 for pointing out a bug with this theme that the "Tools" button doesn't work. I've fixed it and all should be good now. PM me if you noticed any bugs with it.
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