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Attach an IR strobe to player; simulates an MS-2000 IR strobe.

Armed Assault 2

Unit Init:

unit addAction ["MS-2000", "StrobeMark.sqf"];


By Semedar (Villa, Victor D.)

Simulates an MS-2000 IR Strobe
Time: 15 Seconds = 15 IR Blinks

"NVG_TargetC": Independent AI will attack this
"NVG_TargetW": West AI will attack this
"NVG_TargetE": East AI will attack this

_irstrobe = "NVG_TargetC" createVehicle getPos player;
_irstrobe attachTo [player,[0,0,0.2],"neck"];
Sleep 14.8;
detach _irstrobe;
_irstrobe setPosATL [-10000,-10000,100000];
Sleep 0.1;
deleteVehicle _irstrobe;
Sleep 0.1;
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