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Play selected random music on player death.

You need to have your sounds/music defined in Description.ext under CfgSounds and CfgMusic.

For the Armed Assault 3 solution, you don’t need any triggers. If you have onPlayerKilled.sqf in the root folder of your mission/scenario, it runs each time the player is killed – no need to add any event handlers to the unit.

Armed Assault

Trigger Axis A & B: 99999

Activation: Player side / Repeatedly / Present

Trigger Condition:

!alive player

On Activation:

player exec "deathMusic.sqs";


; Death Music
?!local _this: exit
playMusic “Death”;

Armed Assault 2

On Activation:

_deathMusic = player execVM "deathMusic.sqf";


Death Music
Semedar (Villa, Victor D.)
Plays Music On Death

// Global Music Announce (Optional)
playMusic "Song1";

// Death Victim Music
If (local player) then {
titlecut ["","WHITE IN",2];
waitUntil {!(isNil "bis_fnc_init")};
_music = ["Song1","Song2","Song3","Song4"] call bis_fnc_selectRandom;
playMusic _music;
playSound "HeartMonitor";

Armed Assault 3


Death Music
Semedar (Villa, Victor D.)
Plays Music On Death

private _deathMusicArray = [

_deathMusicVar = selectRandom _deathMusicArray;

titlecut ["","WHITE IN",2];
playMusic _deathMusicVar;
playSound "HeartMonitor";
Opus@Monotonía | © Victor D. Villa, All rights reserved.